Board Certified Behavior Analyst

BCBA Job description

  • Control your caseload and income
  • Control your own time and scheduling
  • Work in YOUR surrounding area (ABLE has clients from Northern MA to Southern CT)
  • Have administrative support acquiring and managing your staff and your cases
  • Enjoy the collaboration and support from our team of dedicated, knowledgeable and ethical BCBA’s
  • Be encouraged to provide Best Case Practices and high ethical standards
  • ABLE respects and values the ideas and opinions of our BCBA’s in all areas
  • Use the best ABA software for data analysis, graphing, scheduling, and report writing
  • Be encouraged and reimbursed to grow as a BCBA’s attending conferences and seminars
  • Excellent benefits including health insurance, retirement with company contribution, vacation and sick leave, and compensation for conference attendance

ABLE was setup and is run by BCBA’s who wanted to have control of what is necessary for ethical, best case practice for highest quality clinical results. ABLE is guided by client progress, not profits or “utilization”.

Creating a personal lifestyle that fits your needs is also important to us. At ABLE you can set your own case load, manage your cases, schedule your own time yet still have the clinical support as well as administrative support available when needed. You will have the option to work as many or as few hours as you choose & at a very attractive pay rate. We have some BCBA’s who only work 10 – 15 hours per week while others are over 40 hours per week. Need to take off a Friday to attend a friend’s wedding – no problem. Your work schedule is in your own hands.

We have a wonderful clinical staff that supports each other and helps each other advance their skills. Sophisticated data collection software makes it easy for your staff to collect behavior and skill acquisition data. Then with a mouse click the software graphs it for you. Just drop the data and graphs into the ABLE template for report writing making case management fast and easy!

Would you like to attend a conference? Rather than being restricted from going to ABA conferences, you get a stipend to pay for it!

Do you want to do research? You can do that here too!

Come and join us at ABLE and make a home for your ABA skills!

To apply send your resume to Recruitment Coordinator at: RecruiterAtABLE@