Social Skills Groups

Deficits in social skills is a prime marker of autism. To address these deficits ABLE has a Saturday social skills program at our center that is fun as well as informative. Skills are taught using games, role play, modeling, outings, and other fun methods.

The curriculum is custom designed by BCBAs for each group as well as for each child and is coordinated with the ABLE in home ABA treatment plan for continuity. Data is collected to measure progress the same way as done by the ABLE in home service program. Our social skills program is staffed at a very high ratio so there will always be an abundance of personalized coaching and guidance for all children.

Children are separated by age into peer groups that work on a wide variety of social skills. The little one work on turn taking, interactive play, follow directions, greetings, peer conversation and many other skills. The older children work on fostering and maintaining friendships, appropriate conversation skills with peers, listening as well as talking to others, staying on conversation topic, sharing interests, working as a team to complete a project, learning appropriate social conventions, internet safety skills, and many other social skills.