What We Do

We provide ABA services for Early Intervention (1 to 3 years) as well as for older clients. ABLE tailors each service plan to the individual needs of the client and their family’s needs with a focus on natural environment teaching and generalization.

For clients with insurance coverage, ABLE accepts most insurance plans including MA and CT state as well most major private insurance, we will verify your insurance coverage, guide you through the intake process, perform a thorough assessment of your child’s needs, and design an individualized treatment plan for your child and family with your concerns in mind.

We then submit this to your insurance company with our recommendations for the services we believe are required to make the most progress for your child. Once your insurance company approves the request, we work with you to create a weekly schedule of sessions with one of our trained Registered Behavior Technicians.

Individualized session schedules range from 10 hours to 38 hours per week including up to 8 hours of social skills training in the community and at our clinic’s Social Skills Group on Saturdays. 

Every client’s program is continually monitored and supervised by a BCBA who guides the behavior technician, evaluates the daily data collected, makes changes to the plan as needed, and guides the parents to participate to their best ability as their time allows.

Some of the most important services we provide include:

  • Assessment and evaluation
    including FBA, FA, V-BMAPP, QABF, CALS, ATEC, and others
  • Consultation and collaboration with parents, schools and other providers
  • Creation of individualized behavior treatment plans
  • Safety skills training individualized for developmental appropriateness
  • Behavior management – aggression, tantrums, self-abusive behavior, etc.
  • Social skills training in real world social situations*
  • Toilet training
  • Food issues
  • Functional skills training for maximum independence
  • Parent training
  • Group training seminars
  • Remote clinical services

*ABLE realizes the importance of gaining social skills and brings clients into the community
for realistic, guided interactions.

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Autism Behavior & Learning Experience

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