Our Services

We provide ABA services for Early Childhood Intervention (1 to 5 years) as well as for older clients. ABLE tailors each service plan to the individual needs of the client and their family’s needs with a focus on natural environment teaching and generalization.

Some of the most important services we provide include:

  • Assessment and evaluation
    including FBA, FA, V-BMAPP, QABF, CALS, ATEC, and others
  • Consultation and collaboration with parents, schools and other providers
  • Creation of individualized behavior treatment plans
  • Safety skills training individualized for developmental appropriateness
  • Behavior management – aggression, tantrums, self-abusive behavior, etc.
  • Social skills training in real world social situations*
  • Toilet training
  • Food issues
  • Functional skills training for maximum independence
  • Parent training
  • Group training seminars
  • Remote clinical services

*ABLE realizes the importance of gaining social skills and brings clients into the community for realistic, guided interactions.

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Autism Behavior & Learning Experience

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